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Frequently Asked Questions. We hope you can find your answer here. If not please contact us at

How do I register as a VIP Member?

Click on the VIP Diner Registration button in the upper right hand corner of our home (first) page. Or just click here:

VIP Member Registration

Do I need to show a VIP Diner card when I visit a business to get my deal?

Absolutely not. You do not have to show a card or any ID to receive your hub180 deal. We do not like having to carry around a bunch of loyalty cards for various businesses that we like. So when we started Hub180 we made sure this would not be necessary. You bring in your VIP offer either as a message on your cell phone or printed out. Show it to the staff member who is serving you and you will receive the special listed on the deal. Remember that you do have to follow any stipulations on the deal. This may include time of day, numbers of specials available per group and/or minimum purchase requirements. These requirements allow us to bring you the best deals.

Are there limitations on the use of these VIP specials?

Sometimes.  Owners want your business so they make these specials. What makes these extra special deals is that the owner may want to promote dining during certain times of the day or certain new menu items. We are putting your desire for good dining on a budget together with owners who want to try their new ideas.

Can I share the deals I get with friends and family?

Absolutely! We encourage you to spread around the good cheer and deals to as many people as you wish. We make it easy by including Facebook and Twitter links on the first page so you can quickly inform your followers and friends of a great deal.

How do I find the latest deals.

Where do I get deals for food I like or services?

How can I find out if my favorite merchants are on